Trend Alert: Porcelain Slab is New to the GTA

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Porcelain slab is new to the GTA. Continue reading to learn more about this exciting and innovative countertop material.

Porcelain Slabs for the GTA

There’s a new kid on the block! Greater Toronto Area homeowners have a plethora of countertop materials to choose from, from laminates to wood, from stainless steel to engineered stone, from granite slab to ceramic tile, from concrete to recycled glass, from bio glass to marble…and now, porcelain slab. Although porcelain slab has been in existence since the 1990s, advances in the way it’s manufactured have recently made it a very attractive option.

Why Choose Porcelain Slab?

Porcelain is a very hard, very durable substance first invented in ancient China. In fact, the country’s name –"China” – recognizes this great gift. Porcelain derived from pottery. Around 16th century BC, in the middle of the Shang Dynasty, early-stage porcelain appeared in China.  Porcelain is created by firing kaolin clay at high temperatures, at least 1200°C. The surface of the porcelain must be treated with glaze.
The resulting material is so hardy that it can last for centuries, and withstand all types of wear – including Canadian weather! Porcelain slab is often recommended for outdoor use and is ideal for designers trying to bridge indoor/outdoor areas.
Because it is such a strong material, porcelain slab countertops can be manufactured thinner than most other types of countertops, making this material perfect for modern designs or smaller kitchens. It can also often be laid right on top of existing countertop material, so it’s useful for situations where the old countertop material will be difficult or expensive to remove. Because it’s strong and thin, it can be manufactured in large sheets, which means that countertops might have fewer seams.
Porcelain slab combines desirable characteristics of several popular countertop materials. For example, porcelain is heat and scratch resistant, much like granite. It’s non-porous, like quartz. And the aesthetics of porcelain improve every day. Obviously, it can be manufactured in any colour, or with any design. New technology even allows designers to upload client’s designs and incorporate them into the slab.
A bonus is that porcelain slab can include integrated sinks, and these sinks can be designed to match the slab surface exactly. This possibility is causing a lot of interest amongst interior designers.
Fabricators and installers love porcelain slab, too – it’s light and easy to handle, and tools used for stone fabrication work well on porcelain, too.
Because the possibilities of porcelain slab are still being explored, it’s expected that more innovations are to come. For example, one company is hoping to introduce a new hybrid product that combines porcelain, quartz and glass. At last year’s LivingKitchen show, another company showcased a porcelain slab countertop with induction burners built right into the counter.
Finally, porcelain slab is priced competitively in the market – it costs approximately the same as quartz or granite.

Finding a Supplier

Because porcelain slab is a relatively new trend, not many outlets carry it. Look for porcelain slab at better important stone importer-distributors. Visit the showroom of a GTA stone importer today and learn more about exciting new porcelain slab countertops!